GO International
Helium Account Application

Please complete the below form to complete your helium account application.

Once your account is set up you will be contacted for payment details to complete your account registration along with your delivery or collection details.
If we have any queries with your application we will contact you on the phone number you provide.

Please note, by completing this form you are confirming you want to proceed with setting up a helium account with GO International which includes charges for balloon gas and any handling or delivery charges, monthly rental and a helium deposit as set out in the pricing guide below:
Air Products 10S (Fill 120 x 18” Foil or 140 x 11” Latex) £124.74
Air Products 10W (Fill 180 x 18” foil or 200 11” Latex) £166.35
Air Products 20W (Fill 360 x  18” Foil or 400 x11” Latex)     £327.75
Air Products 30W (Fill 535 x 18” Foil or 600 x 11” Latex) £489.75
BOCT (Fill 240 x 18” Foil or 280 x 11” Latex) £198.00
BOCL ( Fill 620 x 18” Foil or 720 x 11” Latex) £455.00
BOCG10 ( Fill 175 x 18" Foil or 225 x 11" Latex)
BOCG20 (Fill 355 x 18” Foil or 455 x 11” Latex)
BOCE33 (Fill 590 x 18" Foil or 775 11" Latex) £395.00
Collection Charge:
from your local agent is £19.95 (handling charge)
Delivery Charge:
To a business premises (please note we do not deliver to home based businesses)
Air Products - £59.95
BOC - £80.00

Monthly Rental:
Air Products - £11.95 per month
BOC - £12.95
(Rental is charged against the cylinder’s barcode, so whatever bottles you have on your account accrue rental until they are retuned)

(refundable when you close your account and return your last gas bottle)

We will need two forms of ID: One photo (passport or driving licence) and one utility with the address registered to your GO International account.

* indicates required
If applicable please enter your company details
Please tell us which brand of Helium you are currently using.